Greymart Business Resources & Partnerships

Greymart Recovery Services strives to form mutually beneficial relationships with its customers and vendors. We encourage our customers to explore our resource section where they’ll find environmental and green business related resources to help reduce costs and meet EPA regulations.


Business Energy Efficiency
This comprehensive guide provides businesses with ideas and strategies on how to reduce operational costs through green initiatives.

Business Hazardous Waste Disposal Laws
This is a must-have resource for businesses currently disposing of hazardous waste. Are your practices up to code? Do you understand the liabilities of your actions? Are you aware of your states handling of hazardous material?

Comex provides the most up-to-date precious metal market prices.

Earth 911
An extremely insightful web resource that helps customers understand how the products they use in their day to day life affects the environment and how they can save money with simple, eco-friendly strategies.

Environmental Loans & Grants
Did you know the government gives businesses millions upon millions in loans and grants based upon their green initiatives? Check here to find out how you can obtain tax cuts, credits, deductions, and equipment upgrades by leveraging eco-friendly strategies and applying for the right program.

Environmental Management
Does your business manage its environmental role in the business community? This guide provides an explanation on how to implement an environmental management plan for your business in order to help you avoid costly liabilities and help create a positive public image.

EPA State Regulations
Curious if your business is liable due to its inability to meet EPA regulations? Use this easy drop down menu to instantly find the laws and regulations that apply to your material in your state.

Gov Green Purchasing
Do you make a green product? Various federal agencies are now being forced by law to purchase “green” products only! Find out how you can capitalize on these regulations.

Green Biz
One of the largest online green business communities with news, forums, business strategies, and more


American Service Aluminum

American Service Aluminum has been partnered with Greymart for over 30 years and plays a major role in helping to turn hundreds of thousands of pounds of our clients’ aluminum print plates into reusable recycled aluminum.


CBI has been an outstanding ally in helping our customers effectively deal with their water & oil pollution needs. With an advanced decontamination mobile unit, CBI has helped Greymart solve numerous client emergencies.

Georgia Pacific & Harmon Associates

The global leader in paper recycling, Greymart has worked alongside Georgia Pacific & Harmon Associates to help our customers transform hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper and film into reusable material as well as profitable revenue streams.

Premier Public Relations

Premier Public Relations, an Atlanta based PR firm near our Georgia office has been an exemplarily business partner. PPR helped bring our website and marketing materials to fruition. We highly encourage our business partners & customers to review their work.


PSC is among one of the largest industrial cleaning and container companies in the world. With an almost endless array of service options, they help our customers execute massive and complex industrial projects.


Greymart has partnered with Smurfit-Stone to solve our customers’ global needs. A leader in packaging and recycling, they are a vital asset to helping our customers successfully achieve their environmental and economic goals.

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