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The Greymart EP recovery program provides hospitals with a quick and easy three step collection system for all your EP catheters and EP devices. Greymart eliminates your EP cardiology departments’ waste stream and replaces it with a new revenue stream. Are you unhappy reprocessing your EP catheters and having excess, unused inventory laying on your shelves. Or worse, do you fear using faulty refurbished device during surgery? Are you looking for greater EP platinum returns and tired of cutting tips for average returns? With our unique recovery system your electrophysiology department can begin generating revenue immediately from your post-operation inventory; EP catheters, EP guide wires, EP ultrasound catheters, EP steer cables, and associated EP devices.

How do I turn my EP catheters, 3D Sound Star catheters, and AccuNav catheters into significant revenue?

  • 1) First call or e-mail Greymart for a free consultation and quote.
  • 2) Once we’ve helped determine your estimated monthly revenue, we’ll help educate your staff and set your lab up with our quick and easy catheter recovery units. Once your recovery unit is full simply seal with the permanent-lock top and prepare for pickup or shipment. All shipments are pre-paid and fully insured.

  • 3) Receive prompt payment directly after shipment.

What are the features and benefits of using the Greymart EP Recovery program?

  • Pre-paid shipping & direct retrieval of collection units.
  • No need to sort, cut, or separate equipment.
  • No sterilization required.
  • Never take back inventory.
  • Regulated disposal adheres to Federal and State regulations regarding bio-waste, DOT, and the Patriot Act.
  • All shipments are insured.
  • Two staff members will double count recycling units to ensure inventory accuracy.
  • Full time dedicated service representatives develop long-lasting partnerships.
  • Capable of taking most if not your entire EP inventory; EP guide wires, EP catheters, EP imaging and EP ultrasound catheters, and EP steer cables.

Greymart purchases and manages EP Catheter platinum tips, EP Catheters, and EP device brands; SoundStar, AccuNav, BioWeb, Orbiter, ICE, fixed curve catheters, halo catheters, and ablation catheters. Not interested in our full service recycling program? For those who have already cut their EP catheter platinum tips Greymart purchases EP catheter platinum tips and can help get you the best price possible by leveraging our wide network of platinum refineries.

Click “learn more” for an in-depth look at our EP recovery services, or contact us to today for a free estimate and consultation.

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