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Due to patient privacy laws and state regulations hospitals, dentists, and clinics must store or archive their film for up to 5-7 years. If you’re a hospital, dentist or clinic do you know where YOUR film is right now? When’s the last time you’ve purged your x-ray film, scrap film, or medical film archive?

Greymart provides x-ray film recycling and photographic silver recovery services to hospitals, clinics, dentists, and film archives across the country. Greymart is dedicated to working with both you and your film storage vendor to transport, recycle, and destroy your x-ray film and medical film in accordance with all current local, state, and HIPPA regulations. Our efficient and free transportation services along with our advanced recycling process mean you can turn your on-site or archived film into significant revenue streams.

How do I turn my on and off site film into revenue through silver recovery and recycling?

  • 1) First call Greymart for a quick and free consultation.
  • 2) We can contact your film archiver on your behalf and establish your current volume of film in storage and its estimated value.
  • 3) Greymart will then establish transportation from your facility or your archive film facility.
  • 4) Receive prompt payment shortly after your film has been recycled and destroyed. Certificates of destruction are always available upon request.

Why purge or recycle your scrap, medial, lithographic, or dental x-ray film?

  • 1) You may be paying unnecessary storage and archiving fees.
  • 2) Archive and storage vendors often times do not pay full value for x-ray and medical film.
  • 3) Many vendors do not properly dispose of film - meaning your film may be ending up in a landfill therefore making you liable.
  • 4) Even if you have converted to digital x-ray or photography you still most likely have stored film that you may not know about.
  • 5) Greymart can provide payments to corporate entities, education funds, or specific departments.

Greymart recovers and recycles the following types of film and photographs;

  • Medical X-Ray Film
  • Dental X-Ray Film
  • Industrial X-Ray Film
  • Photographic Film
  • Lithographic Film
  • Legal Film
  • Scrap Film

Click “learn more” for an in-depth look at our film and photo recycling services, or call Greymart today for a free consultation and estimate to find out what your film is worth and whether or not you’re paying unnecessary storage fees to house and archive outdated film records

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